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Mobile Phone Parts

Accessories and much more!

World Class Distrubition for
Consumer Electronics and much more!

Mobile Phone Spare Parts, Consumer Electronics, Accessories and More

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We are a global distribution channel for all types of consumer elecrtionics. With us, your business can reach every corner of the world, fast and efficiently.

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OEM Spare Parts
We supply to and service; repairers, refurbishment centers, wholesalers and corporate customers.
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Our omnichannel remarketing solutions combined with our global reach means that you don't need to self manage inventory in seperate markets.
Inventory Liquidation
Don't get stuck with stock you can't move. Our network can open the way for finding distribution channels for your products, if you need to liquidate fast.
World Wide Support
Our offices, located all around the global, all have a full team of experts that are ready to help your business.

Consumer Electronics Experts

Our years of experience in consumer eletronics markets means we have the knoledge and connections to get you the best result throughout the endtire sales chain.

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Omnichannel Remarketing

Deploy true omnichannel remarketing for your business using our unique approach to multiple sales channels.


Consumer Electronics, Jewellery, High End Fashion, Food & Beverage, Healthcare & Toys are just the begining.

Cross Border

We open the ability to sell to Wholesalers, Retailers and Consumers around the world for your business.
With our diverse network of trading verticals, we are able to put your products into markets that were previously out of reach.

We are able to extend the reach of your business globally so that you can focus on what really matters.

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Move Stock Fast
Offices & Support
Focus on your business

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